Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Web - Learning Relationship

The moment someone connects to the web he starts learning! It has been found that although not specifically designed for learning, web applications are used to empower learners and create unprecedent learning opportunities. As computer technology becomes less frightening to larger numbers of people, the number of surfers/learners grow. The internet technology, a decade ago, had direct impact on commerce, media and business in general but little coverage on education. Things have changed now. Teachers more and more explore the potential web tools such as blogs, social networking services, media tools, feeds etc to enhance education and create new learning experiences. This is where you will find guys like Avinash Oojorah and myself unleashing our Elearning superpowers to make this change happen in Mauritius :))

However, an informal survey conducted with a few secondary school teachers in Mauritius reveals the latter do not make or make very litte use of technology to make students learn. The most famous tools used being Email and PowerPoint. But in 2010  students in our country expect much more than that. Many spend most of their free time online: social networking, chatting and exploring the web. Having them to learn within that time frame without being offline is the challenge for many educators nowadays.
Waiting for the next generation of teachers who will most probably make more use of  IT to instruct is definitely too far away. Thats why it is essential to act now to stop the widening gap between the way Mauritian students acquire knowledge and those from developed countries

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