Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning to Learn

Hi there!

This mind-map will guide you through the process of learning. There is unfortunately no shortcut and every step is important. I created this mindmap using a smokin' online tool called SpicyNodes. Here is what they say: "SpicyNodes is fun because it is visually engaging, intuitive, and gratifying to visitors." And I think the product speaks for itself. Try it on your website or blog, or like me to mindmap and convert knowledge into visually enhanced diagrams.

Source: http://home.clara.net/rod.beavon/learning.htm accessed on 12 February 2009

Monday, April 5, 2010

Linking Memory Method - Never forget a shopping list

I finally decided to finish and post this article - which stayed way to long in my drafts. Lemme present you a really cool technique to improve your memory, as well as to impress your friends by remembering ANY list for a whole lifetime. Yes this is possible and am gonna prove it to you right now ;)

How would you do if I gave you a list of 25 objects and 5 minutes to remember them? And write them back in the same sequential order presented? I will illustrate the technique by showing you I would proceed with the following list of 6 objects: Ball, Monitor, Table, Motocycle, Pizza, Lightbulb.
The Linking Memory Method first consists of finding visual metaphors for the items to remember. Easy, we all know what these look like, don't we? So, converting the words into images in our minds should be give us something like that:
Secondly, we have to make association with the above images. We'll  take the first image and associate it with second one, the second one to the third one.. until we reach the end of the list. Here you have to let your imagination run free. Let the images sing, dance, swim, fly, grow out of proportion or become as small as ants.

Lets associate the ball to the monitor. We can imagine a football flying at full speed crashing into a monitor. The images in our head should be real like, as if we were seeing it in front of us.
Next is the table which we have to associate with the monitor. We can think of a VERY VERY big screen which is too big for the table on which it is laid on. And as a result, one of the table's foot breaks.
You should not spend a lot of time thinking about the scene. Usually the first which comes in your mind is the best one.
We continue on with the motorcycle and the table. We can visualize a top sport motorcycle but as small as an  ant trying to pull a table down. Next is the motorcycle and the Pizza where we can think of a disgusting pizza being delivered or a motorcycle sliding because of a pizza lying on the screens. Lastly we can imagine hundreds of bulbs as ingredients dancing in a large pizza.

Be creative as much as possible. It is proven that the more ridiculous and funny things are, the easier it becomes for remembering them. So, do not hesitate to be illogical. Compared to Rote Method of Memorization (which is the process of memorizing by repetition), Linking Memory is most effective.
Using this technique frequently will help you develop a new type of out of the box thinking and above all recall things in a new manner.

Easy? What did I tell you :) Trust me, you only have to practice this method a few times to enjoy a great memory. It can also be applied to memorizing many more stuffs and above all its fun! As for me, if ever we meet in a supermarket with my shopping cart full, it doesn't mean I am buying anything. I got my shopping list memorized already at home.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My E-Learning Wishlist

Just like kids prepare their wish list for x-mas, I've come up with a wish list of the E-learning tools I would like to have and work with. Prices are so high to afford by individuals that I've sticked to using them in either demo or trial versions, at least for the time being..

Mini Disclaimer: I am not associated or represent to any of the companies listed below and this article is in no way a marketing for the products.

First of the list is Adobe with its range of state-of-art tools used to produce great eLearning solutions. Starting from authoring tools, Elearning solutions, real-time collaboration to effective curriculum management, Adobe has them all.

1. Adobe Connect pro: Adobe provides Virtual Learning sessions with this awesome product. Training can be delivered anywhere and anytime. Learners are presented, through their web browser, an interactive content where they can participate in learning like they would in an instructor-led classroom.

2. Adobe Captivate: Packed with powerful features such as scenario simulations, quizzes and other interactive exercises, this software helps you rapidly author professional eLearning content. You can also produce screencasts, screen recording and demos, and other presentations with Captivate.

3. Adobe Presenter 7: With Presenter you can create stunning and complete presentations and self-paced courses. Videos and audios can also be easily integrated.

4. Articulate Presenter 09: Bearing the same functions as the Adobe one, powerful flash content can be generated from powerpoint.

5. Articulate Engage 09: Learners will love E-learning courses created with Engage. It has the ability to create stunning interations turning views into active learners.

6. Articulate Online: This is a great tool to track how learners interact with the E-Learning courses, assessments and presentations.

7. Snagit: A cool Screen Capture application such as Snagit will permitg screen capture with some flexible options such as arrows, speech bubbles and few fancy effects.

8. Microphone: A 100Mhz-16KHz desktop microphone such as the Logitech 980186-0403 silver one.

9.Web cam: I want a web cam with VGA sensor, 1.3mp max image resolution with a video capture resolution of 800 x 600 and a frame rate of 30fps. The Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro 0.3 M Effective Pixels USB 2.0 WebCam will do.

10.Free and Faster Internet access: Last but not the least I wish I had a 2GB internet connectivity at home and access to SNS sites at work.

I think that would be all for now. Did I forget something?