Thursday, April 1, 2010

My E-Learning Wishlist

Just like kids prepare their wish list for x-mas, I've come up with a wish list of the E-learning tools I would like to have and work with. Prices are so high to afford by individuals that I've sticked to using them in either demo or trial versions, at least for the time being..

Mini Disclaimer: I am not associated or represent to any of the companies listed below and this article is in no way a marketing for the products.

First of the list is Adobe with its range of state-of-art tools used to produce great eLearning solutions. Starting from authoring tools, Elearning solutions, real-time collaboration to effective curriculum management, Adobe has them all.

1. Adobe Connect pro: Adobe provides Virtual Learning sessions with this awesome product. Training can be delivered anywhere and anytime. Learners are presented, through their web browser, an interactive content where they can participate in learning like they would in an instructor-led classroom.

2. Adobe Captivate: Packed with powerful features such as scenario simulations, quizzes and other interactive exercises, this software helps you rapidly author professional eLearning content. You can also produce screencasts, screen recording and demos, and other presentations with Captivate.

3. Adobe Presenter 7: With Presenter you can create stunning and complete presentations and self-paced courses. Videos and audios can also be easily integrated.

4. Articulate Presenter 09: Bearing the same functions as the Adobe one, powerful flash content can be generated from powerpoint.

5. Articulate Engage 09: Learners will love E-learning courses created with Engage. It has the ability to create stunning interations turning views into active learners.

6. Articulate Online: This is a great tool to track how learners interact with the E-Learning courses, assessments and presentations.

7. Snagit: A cool Screen Capture application such as Snagit will permitg screen capture with some flexible options such as arrows, speech bubbles and few fancy effects.

8. Microphone: A 100Mhz-16KHz desktop microphone such as the Logitech 980186-0403 silver one.

9.Web cam: I want a web cam with VGA sensor, 1.3mp max image resolution with a video capture resolution of 800 x 600 and a frame rate of 30fps. The Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro 0.3 M Effective Pixels USB 2.0 WebCam will do.

10.Free and Faster Internet access: Last but not the least I wish I had a 2GB internet connectivity at home and access to SNS sites at work.

I think that would be all for now. Did I forget something?


  1. Interesting :) Had you had all these tools, would you implement an excellent e-learning platform? What would be your approaches to e-learning? Would you use a blended approach (independent + tutor led) or totally independent approach?

  2. Some people here might say these 2 magic words to you :
    - *rapidshare*
    - *torrents*
    Except for items 9 and 10

    Good luck!

  3. Shame on you for needing proprietary apps! Go for open source alternatives!

  4. @fadilnet lol actually i've already started a post on open source apps because i essentially work with them. At the same time we have to admit these tools are great at I haven't met as complete in open world yet!

  5. @chaya Its not right to say that without these tools we cannot develop excellent E-Learning platform. Of course we can! And I hope to prove it in the near future.
    As far as E-learning approach is concerned, I think it can only be determined after conducting appropriate analysis.
    I would like to add that in Mauritius what works well indeed is a blended approach.

    @yashvin cheers man. Trying to act pro here ;)

  6. Nah, I wanted to accentuate on the fact that with these tools in hand, you will be able to develop different media to delivery the e-learning contents.