Tuesday, August 17, 2010

List Master

There was a time I was quite messy about my things. They so easily got lost, I had things I forgot I had, couldn't remember what I had to do, forgot my password for blablabla.com, etc etc.
Since then, I decided to remedy those situations by keeping a list for everything I need not forget. The problem raised later when keeping track of all those lists became complicated. The current solution to this is the 13th item in the list below:

1. To do list
2. List of expenses (budget management)
3. List of Planned leaves for the year
4.  List of registered domains
5. Shopping list for the month
6. List of Registered Sites
7. List of Passwords
8. Kitchen inventory
9. List of movies
10. List of books in my library
11. List of must-read books
12. List of birthday dates
13. List of all my Lists!

Do you keep lists too?
Who keeps a 'Before I die' list? :-)

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