Monday, January 17, 2011

154 words

16 days already gone in 2011 and I finally decide to write down my New Year's resolutions! Well, am writing them somewhere else, not here!
However, since one of them is about blogging, I thought I might as well share it to you.
Like many of us, on 1st January we woke up and took the resolution to blog more this year. But we all agree that writing takes time, a lot of time.. so does reading!
So, this year I've decided to write more posts but with less words. It doesn't mean I will be saying less things, but rather communicate things effectively. With thousands of blogs out there people tend to bypass long posts they come across and move to more readable ones - and this is what I do too :)
This year, let us all post more, keep them brief and to the point, and be happy in the blogosphere.

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