Thursday, September 10, 2009

A for Analysis

A quick glimpse on my audience and their characteristics-
My audience will consist of around 50 persons aged between 20 and 55 with various educational background from A-level to Post Graduate. Most of them have many years of working experience in their respective field. Upon enrollment everyone now follows a one week induction course which consists of a Customer Care module. Apart from that various training programmes on the subject are often dispensed. Being all from service provider departments, they surely are applying related techniques in their everyday work.

My humble conclusion: I will be teaching Customer Service to a bunch of 'old' professionals who probably know much more than me in the field. Great!

I however came up with a couple of attainable objectives:
  1. Increase consciousness on Customer Service.
  2. Make them realise its importance to the company and themselves
  3. Incite them to think about new ways on how they can improve their service.
Tough job ahead huh..

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