Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Twitter Story


I just reached my 110th tweet..


Its been 3 weeks since I started tweeting seriously and I am now totally wacko about that!

Last month it was during the G-Mauritius conference that I realised the full potential of twitter. On the first day I decided to cover the event through twitter and to my astonishment I wasn’t the only one with the great idea I thought it was.

It ended however to be one of the twitter experience I had till now. Twitters all round the conference room joined together in the same channel and shared views and experiences about what was being taught by the Googlers.


But what the hell is Twitter?

Twitter is the SMS of the web. It is a social network that that allows a user to send 140 characters on the web. To who? To his followers or to anyone reading his tweets ( if made public).

Generally you answer the question: What are you doing? – First question you would ask someone you know when you call him. This form of micro-blogging helps you keep in touch with people who matters to you and in return let your followers know that you are up to. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

Twitter has taken another dimension nowadays and is not just about reading lines on people on their personal lives – although its fun to read what famous artists say daily to their followers. Companies today use twitter as a marketing tool. They regular send updates about their current and future products. And some use the service to broadcast the company’s latest news.


Personally I follow a couple of known stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Sharma and my favourite music group –Lifehouse. But the rest of my friends consist of like-minded people who share the same interests and passion. More than just exchanging messages, it is for me a knowledge-sharing community where it feeds me with food to calm my thirst for knowledge down.

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  1. My own Twitter story is a bit different. I registered there more than 2 years ago and gave up on using it after the first update. At that time I found Twitter quite bland. It's only in this year that I've started using it again and I had to catch up on all the updates that had been implemented on the site. I'm always amazed at what Twitter grew up to be in a matter of a few years. It's utterly wonderful and quite scary at the same time!